Tuesday, February 25, 2014

DIY Drawer Knobs...Superhero Version!

So, last week I did a simple tutorial on DIY Drawer Knobs, in that tutorial, I showed you how to make your own drawer knobs using butterfly stickers....since our son is getting a superhero bedroom, I only thought it fitting to show you how I did his superhero drawer knobs. :)

First off, you will need to prime and paint them just as I showed you in the other tutorial. From there, you will need the following items:

Mod Podge
Foam Paint Brush
Paper Plate
and a Quarter

So the first thing you need to do is trace out your stickers. I bought my in the party supply section at the store. Walmart had Avenger's and Target had Justice League. From there, I placed a quarter over the faces of the super heroes and traced around the quarter with a pen.

Then cut out enough quarter sized circle stickers for the amount of drawer knobs you need.

From there, peel back the sticker backing, it will be difficult since you cut them out, but having fingernails is a wonderful tool in this situation. Place the sticker on the center of the knob and press down. Use your fingernail CAREFULLY to flatten out any creases, if your knob is super curved, you can bet there will be a few. I had a wrinkle in almost everyone of the drawer knobs, but thankfully my 6 year old son isn't going to care, and you would have to be eye level and within a couple of feet to see the wrinkles anyways, so I don't care if there are any. :)

Next, using your foam brush, brush a layer of mod podge over the sticker and entire face of the knob, then allow to dry. I followed with a second coat of mod pdoge, just to be safe.

And you're done! I love them! I can't wait to see what they look like on my son's dresser, those pictures are soon to come when I've finally completed my kids bedrooms. LOL.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

DIY Drawer Knobs

Hey everyone! Wow, I've been gone for a while haven't I? I'm sorry, things have been crazy. We moved last August, and it was the first move for our family. The last time my husband and I had to move anything was in and out of our apartment nearly 10 years ago! So its been pretty crazy moving 5 people and 10 years worth of stuff out of our first home and into our new home. Not to mention with the kids change in schools and a whole new routine, its been hard to get back into a blog routine. I'm going to try to get better, I promise. Starting with this blog post, DIY drawer knobs!

As those of you know who follow RobbyGurl's Creations on Facebook, my husband and I are currently decorating our children's bedrooms. We moved into a house big enough that they each got their own bedroom. Not too mention, my two oldest ones are getting so big and accumulating so many clothes that a small 4 drawer dresser for each of them wasn't going to cut it. So I've been doing A LOT of yard sale-ing the past couple of months looking for dressers, desks, and beds that I could give make overs to for my kids. I've found some incredible steals and I'm loving how their rooms are turning out. I've still got some furniture to finish painting and some final touches to make, but once they are 100% complete, I will share our bedroom creations with you! Now, onto the tutorial.

First, you will needs the following items:

Wooden Drawer Knobs (I got mine off of ebay, they were completely unfinished, including no drilled hole, but thanks to my dad who taught me how to be handy, and my husband who helps me use tools, I wasn't afraid to purchase them without holes, I don't see a problem in the foreseeable future in drilling the holes ourselves.)

White Spray Primer (I got mine at Jones Paint & Glass)

Your choice of small stickers, make sure they are smaller than the face of your knob, or you're going to have wrinkles. For my daughter's, we chose butterflies, for my son's we are going to Superhero's, although we haven't found stickers for him yet, I may need to go to a scrapbook store for this one. :)

Finally, you will need some gloss mod podge, a foam brush and a paper plate.

Now, the first thing you need to do is spray all of the unfinished knobs with the white primer, if you don't want your knobs to be white in the end, then you will need to choose your color of paint. Either way you MUST prime first, otherwise your paint will eventually just peel off. Sorry I didn't take a picture of this step, I was in project mode when I painted these knobs and totally spaced taking the picture. I needed to do 2 coats on both front and back, and I waited 30 minutes between coats, and then let them dry over night.

Next, simply place your desired sticker strategically on your knob, for some of mine, that meant placing them in the middle, for others, I had to place them off to the side so I could fit a little flower sticker on with the butterfly too.

Next, brush a layer of mod podge over the sticker and the entire face of the knob.

Then leave to dry! When they have dried, check to see if any of the stickers edges lifted (some of mine did), just simply put another layer of mod podge over them and leave to dry. I would give them a day or so of drying before putting them on your choice of furniture, this will ensure that you don't accidentally leave your finger print in the not-completely-dried mod podge. Enjoy! I can't wait to show you what their dressers look like with these knobs on them!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Mardi Gras Bead Ornaments

These ornaments are going on our own family's Christmas tree and now I can't wait to put up the tree just to see what they look like! I love these and they were so simple to make!

The tutorial is very similar to the Galilee ornaments, so the pictures from that tutorial are going to be in this tutorial as well, I hope you don't mind (I also kind of forgot to take pictures of the process while making them, he he, sorry.)

So, what you will need for these are:

Mardi Gras Beads (I got mine from the dollar store, and my daughter's jewelry collection, she had WAY more than she even knew what to do with, they are fun costume jewelry for little girls.)
Clear Ornaments (I got mine from Oriental Trading)
Ribbon (Your choice of color)
Hot Glue Gun

The first thing you are going to want to do is cut apart your mardi gras beads...

Then fill half of your clear ornament with your color choice of beads (sorry the picture shows sand, but like I said, I forgot to take pictures of the actual process for these ornaments.)

Next, close your ornament...

Now, cut apart your ribbon, I did mine in about 20" strips...

Fold your ribbon in half, and crease, this helps you to better find the center...

 Hot glue the creased part of the ribbon to the bottom center of your ornament...

Glue along the seam of your ornament, all the way to the top, and then press your ribbon along the line of glue...

Tie the ends of your ribbon into a bow at the top of your ornament...

Thread your hook and you're done!

I love all of the bright colors that the mardi gras beads gave me, I think they will really give color and even a little bit of elegance to our family's Christmas tree this year!

DIY Button Snowflake Ornaments

I had some buttons lying around and figured "why not make them into an ornament"? I did a pinterest search and found quite a few ornaments using buttons, but all of the snowflake ones called to me, so I made my own version...

These were so simple, easy, and cost friendly! I love how they turned out, however, they might be a little too big for my Christmas tree, so they might be a fireplace mantle decoration, I don't know yet. So here's what you need, 3 simple things...

Buttons of various sizes, I got mine out of the $1 buckets at Michael's...

Popsicle Sticks, I got a box of like 1,000 of the small ones from Wal*Mart for I think like $6.00?

And a hot glue gun with some extra glue sticks...

So you are going to start off with 8 popsicle sticks and a large button (you will need a 9th stick, so have one set aside and ready...) Glue four of the sticks to the back of the large button...

Glue the other four popsicle sticks to the back and in between the first four already attached to the button...

Glue the 9th stick to the back to create a sort of "support" beam...

Now, creating a pattern (or not if your not OCD like me, lol) glue buttons along the sticks...

Once you're done, stick an ornament hook through a button hole at the end of one of your stick ends, and your done! See, pretty easy!

I like all of the different colors, and I am actually bouncing back and forth between putting glitter on them, we'll see, I've still got time to decide. :)